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Hidden Valley Fertilizer Project


  • Large Micronutrient fertilizer deposit located just south of Las Vegas, Nevada


  • 800 acres of unpatented contiguous claims


  • Rich abundance of critical micronutrients needed worldwide to boost crop yields

    • ​Click Here for a detailed Geologist's report


  • Located adjacent to Interstate 15 and close to rail service


  • Contains abundant amounts of rhyolite in semi-crushed form for use in the construction industry


  • Chemical soil analysis and geological reports have been completed and show the potential for development of this site. Available upon request.


  • In an area of proposed future development, including Ivanpah Valley Intl Airport, High-Speed Rail to Los Angeles and possible master planned community because of the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape


  • Located in mining-friendly Nevada

For Sale: $1.5MM

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