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High level gold project

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Contact: Dan Ward, (321) 514-7016

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Golden Steam Project 
-High-Level Epithermal Gold System-

The Golden Steam project is a high-level, epithermal gold system hosted by Tertiary volcanics in an under-explored area of Central Nevada. The project comprises 30 lode claims that cover a 2.5 km-long zone containing argillicly altered and silicified rhyolitic flow-domes, tuffs, and lacustrine sediments.  


The project area is within an area of several large Tertiary calderas.  Altered, rhyolitic flow domes occur at the east and west end of the project, and there is a strongly silicified and brecciated zone of lacustrine sediments between the two flow domes that contains anomalous gold.  Much of the zone is a gravel-covered pediment with locally abundant totally silicified lacustrine sediments and large cobble-sized chunks of quartz vein material showing classic quartz after calcite blade (angel wing) texture. There are also outcrops of both distal and proximal sinter along with silicified rhyolite breccias.  


Gold values over 50 ppb have been found throughout the zone in both silicified and argillicly altered rocks. One sample contained 6.3 PPM Au and 256 PPM Ag.  Anomalous mercury values are found throughout the zone with maximum value of 1.2 PPM.  Arsenic values are anomalous in keeping with the very high-level of this system, and the eastern flow dome has anomalous selenium (253 ppm).


The altered zone is thought to be part of a range-front or caldera-related fault system, and there are regional-scale, NW-trending structures at the east and west ends of the zone.  There is no evidence of any previous work on the project.  A private group has leased the project and has funded initial mapping and sampling.  Future work includes CSAMT to identified buried silicified zones and then drilling.   

MAPS and PHOTOS from the Golden Steam gold project

Gold assays

Golden Steam.jpg
GS Close-up.jpg

Enlarged key for gold assays

Mercury assays

Mercury assays_Golden Steam.jpg

Enlarged key for mercury assays

Hg ppb.jpg
Golden Steam.jpg

Outcrop of silicified rhyolite breccia

Golden Steam_silica cemented breccia.jpg

Silica cemented breccia

Golden Steam_lacustrine.jpg

Silicified, brecciated lacustrine sediments

Golden Steam_quartz after calcite.jpg

Banded vein with quartz after calcite

Golden Steam_bladed quartz after calcite

Bladed quartz after calcite

Golden Steam_sinter.jpg

Hot Spring Sinter

Report, maps and photos by Ken Brook

Ken Brook is a registered professional geologist (RPG) in California and Arizona, a Certified Professional Geologist (AIPG), and is recognized as a "Qualified Person" by the Toronto Stock  Exchange.



Contact: Dan Ward

(321) 514-7016


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