Some people dream of success. We make it happen.


Ascendant Resources Group is a unique consulting and sales firm. We have some of the best industry experts in the natural resources sectors and offer access to specialist expertise and analytical tools. If you are selling a gold mine and need a firm that understands your mining and recovery process and  will meet with and explain it to potential buyers, ARG is a perfect fit.


If you are interested in purchasing an oilfield and need an expert opinion of reserve estimates and cost of production before the purchase, ARG can provide that. When selling your resource, whether it is a gold mine or an oilfield, ARG will spend the time to learn the resource, value it, market it aggressively and then be involved in every step of the deal until it closes.


Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. We work on strategy, marketing and technology across the mining, IT and energy industries to help you purchase, develop or sell natural resource and blockchain-related businesses .




  • Resource Valuations

  • In-house capital for purchases

  • Access to billions in investment capital

  • Compliance and security of documents

  • Purchase mineral resources

  • Pre-plan and building of BTC mining facilities

  • List your resource, property or claim for sale (unique website builds, advertising, marketing, etc.)

  • Pre-Approve Potential Buyers

  • Use ARG's extensive contacts in the refining, mining and energy patch to help find potential buyers and sellers

  • Provide all necessary legal documents (earnest money, sales contracts, etc.)

  • Tax expertise as it relates to natural resource properties

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  • Estimate build-out cost of mines, including consultants who can design and oversee construction of recovery and processing equipment

  • Pre-screening of potential buyers, consulting on mine value, streamlining processes

  • Resource valuations including viability of recovery

  • Assist with Environmental regulations (EA & EIS scientific input, endangered species, BLM approvals, Pre-Feasibility Studies, etc.)

  • Resource recovery costs

  • Tax regulations and codes regarding natural resource properties

  • Consultants at ARG include expert geologists, IT experts, petroleum engineers, gold recovery experts and scientists with experience in mining, oil recovery (conventional, shale, MEOR) and Rare Earth Elements (REE)

  • Bitcoin Mining, Node Deployment, Blockchain, LP's and DAG technologies